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Peterborough Fire Services provide complete fire alarm installation solutions to businesses and industrial companies all over the Peterborough area. A fully operational and professionally-tested fire alarm system guarantees the safety of employees and visitors alike.

Our engineers have acquired many years worth of experience dealing with the adept installation of fire alarms and control panels in the commercial and industrial sectors. We understand the importance of a professionally developed fire alarm installation and ensure that they meet legislation and client specifications.

Our team work flexibly around your day-to-day procedures, ensuring we carry out the installation without disrupting operations. We carry out all fire alarm installations in an orderly and utmost professional manner, considering every possibility before installing your system.

We install bespoke fire alarm systems, designed to meet the requirements of your needs and optimise your fire safety in all areas. No job is too big or too small; we can create and install a complete fire system or replace a faulty fire alarm. Peterborough Fire Services exist to improve the fire safety of your business by introducing professionally vetted fire alarm solutions.

Here at Peterborough Fire Services we offer certified fire alarm engineers that will fully manage and install your fire alarm system, keeping a customer-focused approach from your initial point of contact through to completion. Our installation service is based on a competitive rate; you can be confident with our quality of work and service – we aim to provide nothing but the best customer service and reliability throughout the project.

If you are looking to have a fire alarm system installed, speak with an engineer today by simply giving us a call;

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Conventional fire alarm systems

The hardware associated with a conventional fire alarm tends to be much cheaper than the other types of alarm, however, they are more challenging to install. They require more wiring, which in turn means more time is needed from the fire alarm installation team.

A conventional system won’t be able to tell you the precise location of the fire; however, if they are wired correctly, they will be able to divide your premises into zones.

This means they can still be used as a cost-effective solution even in premises with multiple floors or areas if the arrangement is simple. However, we wouldn’t recommend them for more complex buildings.

Addressable fire alarm systems

Addressable alarm systems are more sophisticated than the more basic conventional type. Every device connected to the addressable system has its own unique address – hence the name.

This means that when a fire is detected, the fire alarm control panel can tell you exactly which device has been activated. The panel will also show whether it’s a detector or a call point. This, in turn, means you have more chance of locating the fire and putting it out quickly.

While addressable systems cost a little more, they can be easier to install than conventional systems as all the devices are connected to one wire ‘loop’, rather than by individual cables.

They also have the potential to save your business money over time as they reduce false alarms and are more effective in the case of an actual fire.  They are worth considering for any commercial building that is a little more complex.

Bespoke fire alarm design

Wireless fire alarm systems

Wireless fire alarm systems are excellent for premises that need to consider their appearances, such as retail outlets, or property with developments restrictions, such as listed buildings.

As the name suggests, they don’t require cabling, making them quick and straightforward to install.


The most important consideration is the maintenance of the batteries.  These need to be frequently checked and replaced if necessary.  Some wireless systems use bespoke batteries which are more costly than the standard types you’re used to buying in the shops.

Because of the ongoing cost, we would recommend wireless systems in special cases as mentioned above, or as a temporary fire safety solution where it’s not feasible to install a wired system, such as on building sites.

ASD Systems

  • Ideal for hard to reach areas
  • Fast response on alarms
  • Reduces space in your addressable panel but still covers a large area
  • Can be installed into any environment
  • Consisting of a central detection unit which draws air through a network of pipes to detect smoke. The sampling chamber is based on a nephelometer that detects the presence of smoke particles suspended in the air by detecting the light scattered by them in the chamber. ASDs can typically detect smoke before it is visible to the naked eye.


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