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Peterborough Fire Services can offer new and existing clients a complete fire alarm system maintenance service. After the installation process, we can further provide a management service, looking after your system and making repairs or improvements where needed.  If you experience a technical or performance issue, our team will resolve the problem quickly and professionally causing little disruption to your workplace. We ensure our customers have peace of mind throughout our service, guiding them through the process and providing advice where needed.

Your fire alarm systems should be operating to the expected standards of the business and legal regulations at all times; therefore if you encounter a problem, Peterborough Fire Services will provide a solution as soon as possible. From testing to inspection, our fire alarm maintenance covers all aspects of fire alarm management. We look after both commercial and industrial fire alarms, providing quick and professional solutions. We have multi-skilled engineers, ready to offer a fast response to any of your fire alarm needs.

Here at Peterborough Fire Services, we provide fire alarm maintenance and testing for a competitive price, guaranteeing our dedicated customer service. With years of experience dealing with the operation of fire alarm systems and control panels, we understand the ins and outs of a system, and how it works, that’s why you can trust our engineers to offer a reliable and reputable fire alarm maintenance service.

If you require urgent fire alarm checks or repair, Peterborough Fire Services are here to help you.

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